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 Lost in Translation

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somewhere in 箱根 (Hakone)

 Happy New Year 2007

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PS: sorry for the delay but due to the 7.1 earthquake in Taiwan there are some internet connectivity issues in Hong Kong and I was not able to post this from the hotel. We were in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the time of the earthquake (just 55 miles from the epicenter!).


 Allez les bleus

Merci Thierry Henri!

 It is cold outside

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Some people in the Yahoo! 360 team do not seem to eat their own dog food.

Steve Rubel likes companies that say "we suck" but I personally think this is Way Too Much Information.

Wikipedia has some background information on why it is important to "eat your own dog food".

 This makes a lot of sense!

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Yahoo! and eBay Form Strategic Partnership to Further Expand Their Businesses in U.S.

A lot of people wanted to see this happening and JP Morgan gave some good reasons why in a report publish earlier this week.

 Love is in the air 2

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We have quit a few nests around the house. The one below is the latest.

The really weird thing is that this is the second nest those 2 birds built. The one of the 2 first pictures is on the left side of the front porch. The one below is on the right side of the porch. They keep building the second nest but they spend their nights in their first nest.

Time to take-off.

Meanwhile, the squirrel is back relaxing in front of us.

Also, I recently saw a vulture down the road. The picture below is the most presentable (you can still see some rabbit fur in its bill).

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