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 Ask Jeeves Acquires Bloglines


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I've been using Bloglines for a while now. I've tried several on-line and off-line news reader and it was definitively the best tool for my needs at the time.

Today, Ask Jeeves announced their acquisition of Bloglines.

John Battelle's post provides some thougts about this event (Bloglines acquisition by a search engine was one of his 2004 predictions ).

After reading John's post the most interesting piece from the new post on weblog is the following statement:
"In terms of integration with Ask Jeeves, one of our first priorities will be to pair the Bloglines team with our Teoma search technology team to build world-class blog search."

Teoma was one of the first search engine to provide clustered results from search (what they now call communities). Integrating Teoma technology with metadata from Bloglines users feeds profile will definitively help in: