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 Audio causual content creation made easy


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Evan Williams announced on his blog yesterday that Odeo is finally making its in-the-browser recording tool (Odeo Studio) available to the public.  I've first seen Odeo Studio at one of the Vertical Search SIG meeting and it seems to be a great User Interface for casual content creation.

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nice tool - i suggested a feature

I just signed up and tested it, it's really easy and practical to create your audio content.
Haven't tried tagging and sharing yet, but it looks rather straightforward.

I also wrote to them to suggest having a little plug-in (like a Firefox extension or something) to have the basic recording/saving/tagging buttons accessible anytime/anywhere from the browser's toolbars, for rapid spontaneous content creation (without having to login on their main webpage).

Not sure if it's easily doable or not (Flash for a Firefox extension?) but it would sure be a nice feature.