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 I tried Froogle Mobile today


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I shop a *lot* on-line. I also shop in brick and mortar stores. So I welcome the news about Froogle Mobile.

It is not that the price is always on the top of my list but price and convenience are the 2 main reasons while I usually shop on-line and I wanted to be able to look-up for prices on the Internet from my BlackBerry.

The third reason why I shop on-line is because of the Long Tail principle but this does not apply in this context since I am looking up information based on items found in a brick and mortar store..

Anyway, Froogle Mobile works OK. The big missing piece is personalization. I am not interested in getting price from thousand of e-commerce websites I do not really know. I usually look on eBay plus a few other e-commerce sites I used in the past as references to get an idea of the price. I would like the price from those "preferred" site show up first. I could provide this list in a personalization menu, or even better Froogle could create this list based on the number of time I click on the links returned by Froogle.

I guess they could also intergrate the techology from Scanbuy to scan the barcode from a cell phone to lookup the information directly. This could well be the next thing on their shopping list ;)

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