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 Looking for new music?

Try Pandora now!!


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Pandora is a great "Music Discovery experience". Give it a song or an artist and it will find additional songs similar to the one you like (based on Music Genome Project).

They clearly have a lot of things right:
- unique experience. I've tried with quite a variety of different style of music and I did got a lot of new music similar to my tastes.
- great Web based UI, very intuitive and no installation required.
- easy access: free for the 10 first hours and no registration required. This is enough to get you hooked and the subscription for one year is $36.
- You can also buy the song from Itunes or Amazon.

Who want to bet how long before they get bought by Apple??

Since most of the people involved with Pandora have a blog, you can get a lot of background information about the company from a VC and the CTO.

Via Techcrunch

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KelBlog: Pandora: A mon avis le meilleur service de radio personnalisée sur Inte : " J'en parlais aussi ici .La raison pour laquelle je n'ai pas voulu prendre l'abonnement c'est que je pense que leur "sortie" c'est de se faire racheter et donc le service sera integre dans l'offre d'une des grandes boites internet. En tout cas cette boite a une longue histoire"