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 Search SIG - Audio Search and Directories


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I went to the first Search SIG event today. After the success of the Vertical Leap conference organized by Jeff Clavier and Dave McClure, I trusted them to come out with something nice. I also wanted to meet Doug Kay, the man behind ITConversations. Doug's podcast is the first podcast I discovered and this clearly helped me to understand the potential of this technology.

Today event was about Audio Search, Directories, & Podcasting Tools with a respectable pannel:
Doug Kaye, ITConversations (the Poderator)
Ev Williams, Founder/CEO,Odeo
Eric Rice, Founder,
David Marks, Founder/CEO,
Bradley Horowitz, Director, Yahoo Technology Development Group / Media Search

I did not take notes and the event podcast will be available on ITConversations.
so I will not really comment on the sessions except that the demo session was cool. The most interest went to the Odeo Studio a browser-based tool that makes it easy to record and publish audio. I heard about it the first time I learned about Odeo a few month ago but it still not available for the public :(. Eric recorded a videocast while doing the demo and published it on one of his (many!!) blogs but I am not able to find on the web. Update. Eric sent me an email with the address of the videocast)

A few pictures are already available on the web via Nial Kennedy.

Update: Eric send me a pointer