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 Spell Checker


Keywords : Technorati

Interesting paper from Microsoft Research on how to design a spell checker on the web.

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Did You Mean: Lucene?

An intersting article about the Lucene's Spell Checker extension.


Re: Did You Mean: Lucene?

Thanks for the link!

I know what lucene is but I never had a chance to actually use it. From your blog profile it seems you are interested in both Search Technology and Java. Do you have any practical experience with Lucene? If so, do you have any feedback to share?


Re: Re: Did You Mean: Lucene?

I'm not a direct Lucene user.
I just read the book "Lucene in action" that gives a good overview. It seems to be a very pragmatic, well designed and widely used search library.
And I'm a committer on Nutch (an open source search engine) a sub-project of Lucene, so that I know a little about Lucene API, but not its core.