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 The clown of the mountain


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We recently went on vacation to New Zealand (NZ).

A few weeks before our trip, I read a story about a vintage car rally organizer in NZ who wanted to hire 40 karate experts to protect the cars from the “clown of the mountain” (a local parrot called the Kea).

I thought the story was funny and I was looking forward meeting this bird on my trip. Well, I was not disappointed. Within 2 minutes of spotting a group of keas, one of them was tearing the rubber sealing from a car near us:

picture of a Kea tearing rubber sealing from car

picture of a Kea bird

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Jolies photos et en effet il vaut mieux les surveiller!

Bises de France.


Pretty Pics

I love the photos you've taken, I have studied birds for years especially parrots. I find Keas so fascinatingly naughty and have seen as many as 40 all destroying a car together. One reason NZ needs to have a very good bus or subway type system!