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 the web as the ultimate UI lab


Keywords : Technorati, Technorati, Technorati

Very intersting notes from Alan Williamson on lecture given by Marissa Mayer (Product Manager for Google) at a BayCHI meeting.

The best thing working in one of the major Internet company is cleary to be able to work with all the data available to track and understand the usage of the web site features.

I think it is fair to say that the 6th point from the notes is used (or should be used) by any major web site.
"6.Google makes changes small-and-often. They will sometimes trial a particular feature with a set of users from a given network subnet; for example Excite@Home users often get to see new features. They aren't told of this, just presented with the new UI and observed how they use it."

There is also a presentation from Ronny Kohavi related to this topic at Amazon.

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