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 Trying Skype


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I never used it up until this week. I've called my parents in France this morning using SkypeOut (the Skype option to call a landline phone). Quality is really good and the rates are cheap for internationnal calls. Once they get ADSL in the village, we will be able to skype each other for free.

Something I really find usefull is the optionnal SkypeToolbars. You have one for IE and one for Outlook. The one of IE basically recognize any phone number (or Skype id) on a web page so that you can call them with on click, through Skype. This is really neat, especially when you need to book a trip (in Corsica for example ;))

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try video for skype

You should also try an add-on such as video4im that enables you to experience very good full screen videoconference...


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