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 Kelbook: a European success story


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I read "Ils ont réussi leur start-up ! La success-story de Kelkoo" over the week-end (I've written about it here before.)

A quick and easy read on how Kelkoo (an European shopping comparison site) was launched and sold to Yahoo! in about 5 years.

The book was written by Juline Codorniou[fr] and Cyrille de Lasteyrie [fr] to show that is possible to create successful start-ups in France and inspire entrepreneurs. While the book describes pretty well the process and milestones for a successful start-up exit, I would have love to see more details about Kelkoo technology and how the overall Internet space evolved during those 5 years.

What was really fascinating to read was
Pierre Chappaz[fr]'s European ambitions. I think that this was clearly one of the main success factors for Kelkoo.

Pierre who was Kelkoo CEO is now a CEO in residence at Index Venture (remember Skype acquisition?). He will be announcing is new venture in February. Code name: W.

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Dear Gerald,
You wanted to have an English blog and I appreciate that. However, there are a couple of things you should improve. For instance, it's hard to find the link redirecting to the comments page. This mixture of French and English is not always functional.

Btw, the right form is "a European", not "an European", as this noun doesn't begin with a vowel, it's a semi-vowel (you-ra-'pea-an).

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Re: Usability

Thanks for the feedback!

The Viabloga team switched the blog interface to English only so the blog should be easier to use. I also imported a new skin/theme so I can tweak a few things.